Automatic hamburger forming machine

Automatic hamburger forming machine Mod. HF-250

In a world where efficiency and automation are becoming increasingly essential, the food industry is not far behind. Finova’s automatic patty former is presented as an advanced solution for the production of high quality patties in various production environments. Today, we will focus on a particularly impressive model: the Automatic hamburger forming machine Mod. HF-250.

Automatic hamburger forming machine Mod. HF-250

This machine is designed to form hamburgers from semi-solid doughs that have been previously kneaded. Its versatility allows working with a wide range of products such as meat, fish, vegetables, legumes and others. In addition, it offers the possibility of molding hamburgers in a wide variety of shapes: round, oval, square, and even in three-dimensional and customized shapes.


  • Can be coupled to any electronic stuffer.
  • Uniform filling system with pressure detector.
  • Interchangeable and customizable molds.
  • Adjustable hamburger thickness.
  • Quick mold changeover.
  • Pneumatically driven ejector assembly and servomotor.
  • Compressed air accumulator.
  • Polyurethane exit belt driven by servomotor.
  • Output belt speed adjustable by display.
  • Removable waste collection tank.
  • Folding safety guards with gas pistons.
  • Completely removable for easy cleaning.
  • Touch screen programmable control panel with capacity for 50 recipes.
  • Synchronizable with other machines such as gluing-breading systems, hamburger stacking, etc.

Technical data

  • Production capacity: Up to 40 cycles per minute.
  • Hamburger thickness and diameter: From 6 mm to 30 mm, and a diameter of up to 110 mm.
  • Dimensions and power: The machine measures 2470 x 895 x 1590 mm, with a voltage: 230V-I-50/60Hz and operates at an electrical power of 1.5 kW.

Optionally, we offer various accessories to help further increase the functionality of the machine:

  • Additional formats: with various shape and thickness options.
  • Automatic paper placement: module for placing paper or plastic sheets on one or both sides of the hamburger.
  • Stacking system: to accumulate the burgers vertically once they have been formed.

The automatic hamburger forming machine Mod. HF-250 represents a significant advance in food production technology. Its ability to adapt to different ingredients and shapes, efficiency and customization options make it a good investment for any company in the food industry.

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