Ham slicer: how to achieve a perfect and uniform cut

Ham is a delicacy appreciated all over the world, and proper slicing is essential to fully enjoy its flavor and texture. In this regard, FINOVA‘s SliceFil-300 automatic ham slicer stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for a perfect and uniform slice on every slice.

Built with a robust stainless steel structure and high quality materials, the SliceFil-300 slicer offers a combination of precision, performance and ease of use that make it an indispensable tool for the food industry.

Equipped with a circular blade with orbital movement and adjustable rotation speeds, the SliceFil-300 achieves precise and uniform cuts in each portion of ham. In addition, its manual product loading system by means of a universal clamp guarantees a secure grip during the slicing process.

The machine has additional features that improve efficiency and versatility in ham slicing. For example, it has top and side adjustable pneumatic clamps, allowing to fix the product and obtain precise cuts. In addition, the ability to stack portions up to 50 mm high and the possibility to adjust the number of slices and the length of the portions provide flexibility in product presentation.

The SliceFil-300 stands out for its hygienic design and quick access to the functional elements, facilitating cleaning and maintenance. In addition, its integrated 7″ touch panel with intuitive menus and icons allows easy adjustment of all cutting parameters.

In conclusion, the FINOVA’s SliceFil-300 automatic ham slicer offers a reliable and efficient solution to achieve a perfect and uniform slice on every slice of ham. With its precision, performance and ease of use, this machine is an ideal choice for the food industry looking to maintain quality and meet the demands of ham lovers around the world.

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