New compact modular slicer SliceFil-320 from FINOVA

FINOVA is proud to present its latest innovation in slicing systems: the newSliceFil-320 compact modular slicer. It stands out for its ease of use, compact size and high performance, especially indicated for small and medium production of cooked and cured sausages, hams and cheeses.

Operation and accuracy

The product is loaded manually and supported by a clamp. Cutting is performed by means of a circular blade with orbital movement, cutting the product with great precision and placing it in stacked portions, staggered or other presentations, on the synchronized infeed conveyor belt.

The SliceFil-320 compact modular slicer is distinguished by its ability to incorporate the dynamic weighing module that allows continuous portion correction. In addition, it incorporates a portion receiving conveyor that gives the option of a wider variety of possible product presentations, including decaled stacking and folding.

SliceFil-320 Compact Modular Slicer Highlights

  • The product is loaded on a plastic belt to avoid friction damage during cutting.
  • Manual or automatic product grippers are available as an option.
  • Cutting system with circular blade and independent orbital and rotation speed adjustment.
  • Pneumatically adjustable top and side rammers with adjustable pressure.
  • Product loading gate with gas pistons.
  • Drive of the machine by servomotors.
  • Electromechanical safety systems in gates and protections with mechanical locking.
  • The number of slices in each portion may vary according to your needs, as well as the length of the portions.
  • Portion stacking height up to 50mm.
  • Dynamic weighing system with continuous portion weight correction.
  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning.
  • Quick access to the main functional elements to facilitate system maintenance.
  • Robust construction made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Machine built according to the European Directive 2006/42/CE.
  • Easy adjustment of all cutting parameters through the integrated 10″ touch screen with intuitive menus and icons.
  • It can store up to 50 recipes.

Technical Specifications

  • Slice thickness: adjustable from 0.5 to 50 mm.Output belt width: 280 mm.Blade diameter: 370 mm.Maximum product length: 850 mm.
  • Cutting section (width x height): 250x110mm
  • Electrical power: 3.8kW
  • Voltage: 400V – III -50/60Hz

The SLICEFIL-320 is an advanced solution for cutting needs in the food industry, standing out for its flexibility, precision and ease of use. With the ability to adapt to various food types and production requirements, this new modular slicer with continuous weighing capability sets a new standard for efficiency and quality.

For more information, contact FINOVA.

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