Cryogenic vacuum kneader

Cryogenic vacuum kneader for sausages

The world of meat and sausage homogenization has taken a quantum leap forward thanks to the introduction of the cryogenic vacuum mixer. This innovative machine not only improves the kneading process, but also perfects the texture, taste and presentation of the final product. In this article, we will discover how FINOVA’s cryogenic vacuum mixer can transform the quality of mixes and why it is becoming a preferred choice in the food industry.

A Significant Advance in the Kneading Process

The cryogenic vacuum mixer facilitates the homogenization of meats and ingredients during the mixing phase, and aids in the extraction of proteins during the kneading process, which is crucial for optimal binding in sausages. But how does it do it? The answer lies in the application of vacuum during the process, which allows a higher density in the dough, and the preservation of aromas and flavors in the mixture.

Preservation and Improvement of the Final Product

One of the most notable benefits is the reduction of product oxidation, thanks to the extraction of intermolecular air, which in turn increases the compactness of the paste, improving its color and final presentation. In addition, the injection of refrigerant gas such as CO2 or Nitrogen controls the temperature of the dough avoiding its heating during the process, which is essential for doughs that will later be stuffed, such as, for example, hamburger dough.

Technical Features that Make the Difference

The unique features of the cryogenic vacuum mixer include: a T-type mixing paddle with double direction of rotation, hydraulic tilting bowl with safety lock, and a robust AISI-304 stainless steel construction. In addition, it has an integrated hydraulic loader for 200L cutter carts, which makes it a formidable tool for homogenizing meats and improving the kneading process. With capacities of 300 or 600L and a minimum working temperature of -2ºC, this equipment is ideal to meet the demands of today’s food industry.

The cryogenic vacuum mixer is a revolution that sets new standards in the homogenization and mixing process- find out today how it can transform your production! Contact FINOVA to find out more today!

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