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Our slicing lines for chips provide high value products to our customers. Today we introduce you to our optimized FINOVA baked chip production line. Interested in learning how you can create healthy and delicious snacks on your production line, read on!

State-of-the-art technology for the production of baked chips

The key to FINOVA’s success in the production of baked chips lies in its state-of-the-art slicing lines. These lines are designed to handle product bars with a maximum width of 270 mm and a height of 120 mm, allowing for great versatility in production. In addition, the ability to slice products individually with an adjustable thickness from 0.5 mm to 50 mm opens up a world of possibilities for snacking innovation.

Customization and flexibility

One of the most impressive features of FINOVA’s slicing lines for chips is its ability to adjust the slicing pattern for automatic loading into the baking trays. With up to 50 recipes, as a manufacturer you will be able to experience the wide variety of customizable textures and flavors, creating unique baked chips that stand out in the market.

Protein chips: a healthy alternative

FINOVA focuses not only on efficiency and flexibility, but also on health and nutrition. Protein chips produced on our production lines are an excellent alternative to traditional potato chips. These chips are not only rich in protein, but are also baked to obtain a crispy chip-like texture without the need to add additional salts.

High automation

FINOVA’s system offers high production and high automation with minimal investment, making it ideal for companies looking to enter the healthy snack market without incurring high operating costs. This efficiency translates into a high quality end product that is both economical and attractive to health-conscious consumers.

Baked chip processing is entering a new era with FINOVA. With our focus on cutting-edge technology and customization, we have positioned ourselves to lead the healthy snack market.

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