Slicing of alternative protein and vegan products

Slicing of alternative protein and vegan products

At FINOVA, we are not only at the forefront in slicing systems for traditional meat products. Did you know that our slicers can also slice alternative protein and vegan products?

The alternative protein is the one that contemplates all those products that substitute animal food.

The boom of vegan products in the market is undeniable. More and more consumers are looking for sustainable and ethical alternatives to animal products, which has led to an increase in demand for slicing machinery capable of handling these specialized products.

Slicers for vegan and alternative protein products

Our vegan or alternative protein product slicing machinery has special cutting blades designed to handle the unique texture of vegan products, ensuring precise and consistent cuts, an essential feature to maintain the quality and presentation of sliced products.

To ensure maximum efficiency and quality, we carry out a cutting test phase in our facilities, known as clean rooms. These controlled environments are essential for fine-tuning and perfecting the slicing process, ensuring that each product meets the highest quality standards prior to market release.

Another crucial aspect in the optimization of the vegan slicing process is technological advice. For this purpose, our experts advise on the recipe and temperature for each product, thus guaranteeing an optimal cut. This customization is vital, as vegan products can vary considerably in texture and consistency from meat products.

The agri-food industry is constantly evolving and, at FINOVA, we are more than willing to collaborate with our customers to help them turn their ideas into reality. With the combination of advanced technology, expert advice and a focus on sustainability, our machinery for slicing alternative protein products is at the forefront of the food revolution.

If you have an idea or a new product in mind, feel free to share it with us!

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