SliceFil-400 Modular Slicer

SliceFil-400 Modular Slicer

The SliceFil-400 is an innovative modular slicer designed specifically for slicing Masdam, Manchego, Gouda and other types of cheese. This machine offers several outstanding features that make it stand out in the market.

Features of the SliceFil-400 Slicer

  1. High production: The SliceFil-400 is capable of up to 400 cutting cycles per minute. This allows cheese producers efficient, high-volume production, which can be particularly useful during periods of high demand.
  2. Orbital cutting system: This model has an exclusive orbital cutting system with two independent speeds. It uses a Teflon-coated serrated blade, which guarantees a clean and uniform cut every time, regardless of the type of cheese.
  3. Inclusion of interleavers: The SliceFil-400 also has the ability to place interleavers between the slices, also known as interleavers, without slowing down the cutting speed. This ensures that cheese slices are ready for packaging and distribution immediately after cutting, saving time and improving efficiency.
  4. Dynamic weight control: This model incorporates a dynamic weight control system with automatic discard for weight correction. This ensures that each slice of cheese meets the established weight standards, guaranteeing consistency and quality in each slice.

In summary, FINOVA‘s SliceFil-400 modular slicer is an advanced and highly efficient machine, perfect for any cheese production business looking to improve the efficiency of its slicing process and ensure the consistent quality of its products.

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